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Devoted in Death

Devoted in Death - J. D. Robb [9/28/2012]
A pretty good read, but not 5 stars. Not as much personal relationship development -- either Eve-Roarke or their friends -- as I like. A little bit more sex than usual. The crime part of the story was okay, but nothing really special. Some of the solutions seemed to me to be forced; they came out of thin air, not from the evidence. But I suppose that's often the case with Eve Dallas; many of her breakthroughs come from her instinct and intuition rather than evidence.

Still it was an enjoyable read and I'll probably read it again.

Second read. A totally engrossing story, even though I'd read it before, even though it has some failings. It still kept me turning pages, even hesitating to stop to eat. It made me realize how good Roberts is at telling a story. She know how to keep readers involved.