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Some People Need Killing

Some People Need Killing - Bob Cook This was recommended to me by the author's wife who was in college with me many years ago. I might not ordinarily feel obligated to read a book on that basis, but it looked interesting – a mystery involving people in the child protective services field, written by a man who spent a number of years doing that work himself. Not the ordinary setting for a murder mystery.

I enjoyed the book and I think the author has some promise as a writer, but he could benefit from a good editor. It wasn't the kind of typos and formatting glitches that so often plague e-books from small publishing houses. Instead, there were lapses in the narrative style, like the occasional vernacular usage or cliches that would have been fine in dialogue, but were very jarring in the narrative. A few times he got a little preachy about some social issues. Understandable considering his passion for the subject, but sometimes subtlety works better, especially when you're trying to tell a story.

As for the story it was good enough. A little short. I would like to have seen more character development for all the main characters, but especially the killer. Some of the characters seemed a little stereotypical; more flesh and history on the characters should have helped with that. The ending was a little predictable, but not overly so. I guessed wrong about the killer, but I was in the ballpark.

On the whole, I wouldn't mind recommending this book to a friend, with minor caveats. I hope the author continues writing, and continues sharing the CPS experience. I think there might be a lot more stories to tell.