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Multiples of Six

Multiples of Six - Andy Rane This book was very frustrating. It takes forever to explain what's going on. When I was about 45% through it, I still didn't know why assassins were trying to kill these young men. (Not a spoiler, that happens at the very beginning). I stopped reading for a while in pique. But I couldn't leave it alone. And I was able to finish the rest of it in one day. It raced along. I still didn't find out what was going on until the end, and then only part of it. It's obvious the whole story will take all three books to tell.

The writing is good and obviously the suspense is good, if annoying, and the characters are fairly well drawn. I'm still deciding whether I like some of the people, and I'm still figuring out who all the good guys and the bad guys are. But I do want to know, and will certainly buy the next one.