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Cast in Ruin  - Michelle Sagara I automatically bought this book because I have enjoyed the Chronicles of Elantra, of which this is the seventh. However, as I started reading it I wondered if the series wasn't beginning to drag. Seven stories and we still don't understand what's going on at the most basic level. Who is Kaylin really, where did her magic come from, and what is her destiny?

This seventh installment still doesn't answer those questions. However, like all the previous installments the story introduces enough totally new wrinkles and the plot is compelling enough to keep the reader enthralled throughout. Sagara West is a very creative writer. This is not standard fantasy fare. And the heroine, Kaylin, is so likeable, I know I'll keep coming back for more.

One hopeful sign, in a rare moment of honesty, Kaylin and Severn admit their feelings for each other. The moment is brief and they don't act on their feelings, but it's encouraging. But I do have to wonder how much longer she can sustain this story.