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Whispers Under Ground

Whispers Under Ground  - Ben Aaronovitch This is the third installment of the Peter Grant series, and the best so far. It is the continuing adventure of a young London policeman who discovers that magic and fantastic creatures are not only real, but part of the purview of the London Met, and that he has the skills to become part of the "special" investigative unit. Peter and his mentor, as well as his friend and fellow wizard trainee Lesley, are asked to assist in the investigation of the murder of an American artist living in London, because there seem to be some "unusual" aspects of the case. That's how things are treated. Most of the London police force knows that there are weird things that happen, but they never talk about them except in the most bland of euphemisms. And the case is a fairly routine murder mystery, except for the odd supernatural elements that must be tracked down.

The plot is fast paced and believable -- within that universe. And the characters sympathetic and fully drawn. I really like Peter Grant.

I usually don't like first person narratives, often because they seem so self-focused and self-indulgent. But this one is an exception. It's humorous in an understated, tongue-in-cheek way. As though, not the author, but the narrator himself is quietly laughing at himself and his totally ridiculous escapades.

I totally recommend this series for anyone who can tolerate a bit of fantasy with their murder mystery.