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Infidel - Ayaan Hirsi Ali This is an excellent book. Hirsi Ali writes well, direct, and painfully honest. She does not complain excessively about the horrendous treatment she received as a child; she just describes it matter-of-factly. But it clearly influences the rest of her life. Nor does she treat herself as unusual, which she is. Very intelligent, brave, loyal, caring ... an incredible woman, but with some very human flaws which she doesn't hide.

Her story is very compelling, a fairly easy read. Not only is the story of her life interesting, but she does an excellent job of explaining Islam and many of its facets, as well as the politics and culture of Somalia and Holland.

The only problem I had with the book was toward the end, when she was being moved all around in fear of her life. I had a little trouble following what was happening. And when she loses and regains her Dutch citizenship and goes to America, I thought that was covered too briefly for me to really understand what was going on with her then.

A very powerful book, recommended for anyone interested in Islam and the plight of Muslim women.