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Botany Flowers and Plants

Botany Flowers and Plants - Melissa Plond This books is being sold for kindle, but it doesn't work on an ordinary kindle. I mean, it works, you can load it and open it and page through it, but the text is unreadable and the photos don't come across in black and white.

On my tablet, it's much better. The colors come across well, but the text is just barely readable (and it won't scale).

The photos are beautiful, but it was much too short. There's only 30 pages. I'd hardly call it a book -- a folder or portfolio, maybe. The text seems rather haphazard. Sometimes it's scientific, sometimes it's historical or geographic, sometimes it's missing. She doesn't even identify some of the plants.

But the photos are beautiful. This might do better as a coffee-table book, maybe with a few more photos and more text.