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Delusion in Death (In Death, #35)

Delusion in Death (In Death, #35) - J.D. Robb [11/17/2012]
Two months after I read it I couldn't remember what it was about without checking the book description. But it doesn't matter; it's an Eve Dallas story and I'll read anything about her. Besides I did remember that I enjoyed it; read it in less than two days.

This is the 35th in the Eve Dallas series and this one is a little unusual in that the deaths that Eve must investigate appear that they may be terrorist in nature. Consequently there is more urgency in her investigation than usual, especially after the second event. There's plenty of action and suspense, though no particular danger to Eve or her friends.

Of course, in the long run, this series is not really about murder, or even police investigation. Those are just the vehicles for the real story. Which is relationships. Eve's marriage to Roarke, which has ups and downs and continues to evolve, and the relationships of Eve's friends and coworkers. That's what keeps me coming back after more than 35 books.