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Captain's Share

Captain's Share - Nathan Lowell [6/28/2014]
Who says you have to have battles and danger to have suspense? In this continuing saga of Ishmael Horatio Wang, our hero takes over as captain of the Agammemnon, the worst ship in the commercial fleet of the company. There is plenty of suspense as the unflappable Ishmael tries to figure out how to get his dysfunctional crew to work together and turn a profit.

An easy quick and very enjoyable read. However, in the Kindle edition which I read, there were more errors than are usual with Lowell's books. Errors that wouldn't be caught by spell check -- like a missing word, or and instead of any. Errors that cause a jarring break in the read. I was tempted to drop to 4 stars because of it, but I enjoyed the book too much and will definitely read it again.